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Διάφανη σελίδα Α4 από πολυπροπυλένιο & μη-όξινο για Α4 κλασερ


Archival quality polypropylene A4 binder pages

Made from inert, clear, acid-free, polypropylene designed to fit A4 paper size 297 x 210mm (525-00A4) and A5 paper size 210 x 148mm (525-00A5). 91 micron sheet.

The multi-hole binder pockets have a soft clear high quality feel and offer excellent protection from dust, scratches, tearing and fingerprints. If you have binders that are in constant use then this product will be ideal. The smooth surface allows you to flick through the pages with ease.

  • Archival quality, inert and acid-free with no PVC
  • High clarity archival polypropylene pages
  • Packs of 100, or bulk packages of 1000 offer great value
  • Multi-hole punched for 2, 3 and 4 ring binders
  • PAT passed
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