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Gudy 831 (Neschen) ταινία διπλής όψεως - 19mm X 30m


Neschen Gudy 831 high tack tape offers a wide range of uses for book-binders, conservators, framers, printers and artists.

pH Neutral and moisture stable adhesive, applied by burnishing with bone folder then simply remove the silicone release liner to expose the adhesive. Replaces the now discontinued Gudy 870 tape.

  • Suitable for rough surfaces, for indoor and outdoor applications. Ideal for mounting irregular media such as canvas and fine art papers to rigid substrates.
  • For mounting photographs, prints and other difficult substrates to a wide variety of museum archival board and materials.
  • Perfect for the archival preservation mounting on acid free or 100% Cotton Rag materials.
  • Acid Free and solvent free.
  • PAT test passed.
  • 30m x 19mm roll

Tape Structure:
Backing: double-sided siliconised glassine paper 90 g/m²
Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent 45 g/m²
Carrier: 44 μm long-fibre white paper
Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent 50 g/m²

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